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About Just Baked

We believe that baking brings people together. Whether it’s a cake covered in Smarties for that outrageous office party (or at least it’ll be outrageous when the cake gets there) or a dozen hot-pink cupcakes for your bestie who just got engaged, Just Baked was created to be the centerpiece for connection + good times.

We find happiness in every batch of batter and in every sprinkle (not that we’d ever use just one).

Our mission is to spread love like we spread buttercream.

We believe in simple pleasures, like the snap of a Kit-Kat or the gooey goodness of a homemade caramel drip. The intersection between your favorite childhood treat and elegant ganache is magic. It’s everything you need to bask in the moment and bake in the goodness.

We call that The Sweet Spot.

About Sarah

Sarah at Just Baked Launch Party

Sarah at Just Baked Launch Party

My passion for baking began when I was just 5 years old. My mom taught me how to make my very first cake and every time we baked, I would sit in front of the oven and watch the cake rise through the oven window. Christmas that year was special, as I received my first Easy Bake Oven. I baked up a storm with that little pink oven.

Coming from 3 generations of entrepreneurs in my family, I have always been inspired to follow my own heart and take my own path in life.

I often think back to those moments when I was a little girl, pretending I had my own store and setting up my own little shop in my house.

I followed my passion for baking in 2016 and began taking evening and weekend baking classes at SAIT Culinary Campus. I then enrolled in a cake designer certification program at the Lambert Academy of Sugar Craft, went to Toronto to attend classes at Le Dolci Bakery, learning from their head bakers.

I continue to take new classes regularly hosted by other local bakers and companies. My motto is to always continue growing and learning in life!

Everything I bake comes from absolute love, dedication and my heart. Every single customer of Just Baked is treated like they are a part of own my family.

Inspired by Pinterest, Self-Taught Bakers and for my love of cookie dough, Just Baked was born to create unique, fun and trendy baked goods for all. My goal is to inspire others, the way so many amazing people that I have met in my life have inspired me.

About Penelope


Penelope is a Bichon Frise Toy Poodle. She enjoys walks to the park, playing with her toys, giving kisses and playing in the snow. She does not enjoy the bath time that follows her outdoor adventures. She loves the peanut butter Pupcakes that her mommy makes for her. She is always full of energy and makes friends with everyone she meets!